• More Moves In Healthcare DO
    A number of digital out-of-home networks have sprung up over the last few years targeting one of the most engaged captive audiences there is -- patients in healthcare venues, including doctors' offices and hospitals. This week brought new developments in the healthcare DO business, including a new healthcare-focused network from Adcentricity, and new research from the Wellness Network.
  • Titan Will Sell Ads for TargetCast Networks
    This week brought another strategic partnership in the digital out-of-home advertising arena, with the announcement that Titan will serve as the exclusive sales and marketing agent for TargetCast Networks, which operates 3,500 screens in 1,200 locations nationwide -- concentrated in national and regional casual dining and fast casual restaurants including Applebee's, Chili's, T.G.I. Friday's, Outback, Tully's, Seattle's Best, and Coffee Bean, among others.