• Cars Go To The Movies, Movies Come To Cars
    It's been a very cinematically automotive week in the world of digital out-of-home video content, with two new deals bringing NASCAR content to movie theaters and movie content to gas stations.
  • DO Takes To The Skies
    Digital out-of-home video content and advertising is taking flight, literally, with new deals for ad sales representation and in-flight, ad-supported WiFi on two major airlines. Along with extensions of DO-enabled food service in airports, the new deals represent a trend towards DO linked with consumer services in the air travel environment.
  • Digital Outsider: It's All About NYC
    Surveying the proliferation of digital signage around New York last week, one could be forgiven for thinking the city had been colonized by visitors from the planet Doohv. Actually it was just Clear Channel Outdoor, for the most part, and they're not just visiting.
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