Cars Go To The Movies, Movies Come To Cars

It's been a very cinematically automotive week in the world of digital out-of-home video content, with two new deals bringing NASCAR content to movie theaters and movie content to gas stations.

The first new content-sharing agreement comes courtesy of NASCAR and Screenvision, one of two major cinema advertising networks in the U.S. (competing with National Cinemedia). Screenvision will run original NASCAR content sponsored by NASCAR partners, including a 90-second long-form piece with race highlights, dramatic moments, driver profiles, fan tributes, and behind-the-scenes footage. The NASCAR content will reach over 45 million moviegoers each month via 15,000 screens nationwide, according to Screenvision. NASCAR sponsor partners will also have access to an array of complementary promotional channels, including in-lobby displays and concession tie-ins.

NASCAR's chief marketing officer, Steve Phelps, stated that the Screenvision partnership would bring NASCAR content to a "half billion moviegoers each year, including some who are avid fans and some who have yet to attend or watch a race on television," touting the racing experience on "40-foot screens with surround sound." Jim O'Connell, NASCAR's vice president of corporate arketing, stated that "in-cinema content will provide our sponsors an additional way to connect with fans through a year-round national platform."



In the other direction, a taste of Hollywood is coming to PumpTopTV, which operates DO displays in pumps at gas stations around the U.S., through a partnership with The deal will bring behind-the-scenes clips from movie shoots to the PumpTopTV network in 12 major markets, reaching 12 million motorists per month, according to the companies. Movies which have been previewed so far include "The Irishman," starring Val Kilmer and Vincent D'Onofrio, and "King of Fighters," directed by Gordon Chan.

In June PumpTopTV and another gas station DO network, Outcast (formerly Fuelcast), announced they were joining forces to offer advertisers a combined network reaching 20 million viewers per month via their network of digital displays in gas stations. The joint venture agreement brings together a total of 12,600 digital screens in 15 top DMAs, which the companies claim reach a total audience of 20 million per month. Outcast is itself a relatively new company, created by the merger of Fuelcast, a gas-station network that operates displays in gas pumps, and Bhootan, a digital network serving gas station convenience stores.

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