Health Insurer Taps SoloHealth

Another big health insurance company, Health Care Service Corporation, has tapped SoloHealth to deliver marketing messages and healthcare information through its networks of interactive digital kiosks, the company’s announced recently.

The SoloHealth partnership comes as HCSC, which claims to be the country’s biggest customer-owned insurer, seeks to raise its profile and position itself as a cost-effective option for consumers shopping for insurance plans following the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, which took effect Oct. 1.

While the online health exchanges established by the ACA have proved anything but trouble-free in their first weeks of operation, big insurance companies are still operating their own, separate e-commerce platforms, and thus might even be able to benefit from the glitches on the public exchanges -- provided they can get their marketing messages in front of the public.

The deal gives HCSC access to SoloHealth’s network of kiosks to conduct brand advertising and targeted permission-based new customer acquisition campaigns in the states where HCSC offers insurance, including Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas. The campaigns will include customized banner, video, interactive and digital signage elements.

This isn’t SoloHealth’s first ACA-related deal.  In July Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia tapped SoloHealth to help market its Medicare Advantage and health exchange plans, and SoloHealth recently announced a partnership with eHealthInsurance to publicize its plan selection and comparison tools. It also struck a deal with the Department of Health & Human Services to publicize the new online insurance exchanges.

Currently SoloHealth Station kiosks are located in over 3,300 retail venues nationwide, reaching over 130,000 consumers per day.

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