• Bad Economies Are Fertile Ground For New Media Channels
    For almost 80 years, every major economic crisis to hit the U.S. has launched a nascent medium to national prominence. The Great Depression provided the catalyst for radio to evolve as a major communications medium in the 1930s. Television took its place as a national medium during the recession of the mid-1950s. After the 2000 recession, online advertising growth exploded. Consumer media consumption trends and technological changes accompanying the current recession portend a much larger shift in the media landscape this time around. Mobile advertising and digital place-based networks, which display content and advertising on screens in public places, are …
  • Adcentricity Launches DO Consultancy
    Adcentricity, which aggregates digital-out-of-home networks and assists media buyers with planning and execution of DO campaigns, is expanding its business to include consulting services for existing DO networks and businesses that are thinking about entering the arena.
  • Arbitron: DO Reaches Two-Thirds Of U.S. Adults
    A new study from Arbitron documents the considerable reach of digital out-of-home video, with 155 million American adults coming into contact with the medium in the last month -- that's 67% of the adult population. What's more, consumers are likely to have multiple exposures: of the group that recalled seeing a DO display in the last month, 76% recalled seeing them at multiple venues. This sub-segment equals about 51% of the total adult population, meaning more than half of American adults can recall multiple exposures.
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