• 'Minority Report' Is 5-10 Years Away
    The movie "Minority Report" is coming to pass. Okay, probably not the part with the slime-covered "pre-cogs" who can see into the future. But digital out-of-home technology is making possible a revolution in addressable, interactive advertising in public places, well before the movie's setting in 2054. In fact, the question is no longer one of technical limitations, but which limits advertisers choose to observe voluntarily, and which are imposed by consumers through regulation.
  • Game Shows And Runny Noses: GSN, NBC Expand DO Offerings
    TV and digital out-of-home networks have been falling into each other's arms over the last few years, turning to each other for content and distribution, respectively. The mating game continued this week with announcements from the Game Show Network and NBC, which both struck new distribution deals with major DO players.
  • Digital Outsider: John McMenamin, Ripple
    At a time when a new out-of-home video networks seems to launch every day, few may remember the frontier days of the 1990s, when big place-based TV network concepts were launched with plenty of fanfare, and went bust with nearly as many press clips. John McMenamin is a veteran of those early battles. In February, McMenamin joined Ripple to become executive vice president-sales and strategy of its burgeoning network, which distributes video programming and advertising into specialty retailers including Borders, and high-end coffee chains, where people like to congregate. Subsequently named the network's president, McMenamin recently sat down with the …
  • Channel M's Dennis Quinn: 'We're Better than TV'
    Out-of-home video is taking money away from TV and it's poised to take more, according to Dennis Quinn, the new president of sales and marketing at Channel M, which operates and creates custom content for several dozen in-store video networks. Quinn should know: formerly the executive vice president and general manager of TBS Superstation, in June he joined the growing list of TV execs jumping to out-of-home video.
  • Digital Outsider: Magazines Want In
    No combination of content and platform can be too surprising nowadays, with digital technology serving as a kind of media blender. This week brought yet another interesting flavor combo: magazines and place-based video networks. Condé Nast's Bon Appetit will partner with Premier Retail Networks to distribute special, custom-made content via PRN's Checkout TV,
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