• Outside Thinking: Dominick Porco, AdSpace Networks
    Marshall McLuhan once said the medium is the message, but at certain times and in certain locations, advertising may in fact be the message that people really want. At least that's what Dominick Porco believes. Porco isn't a famous media ecologist. He is a scrappy media entrepreneur who spent years on the sales promotion side of the media business, before he realized that advertisers might be missing out on an opportunity to influence consumers at what arguably may be the most important moment of their brand selection process: when they're in a store getting ready to buy something.
  • Outside Thinking: Suzanne Alecia, Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau
    Suzanne Alecia of OVA weighs in on industry guidelines, and how the medium is becoming the next big thing.
  • The Location Is The Message
    Average consumers spend only about one-fifth of their day out-of-office or out-of-home, but the transitory intervals in between represent unique opportunities to capture consumer attention as they migrate throughout their day. That, in a nutshell, is the logic behind "life pattern" planning, a concept developed by digital out-of-home advertising developer SeeSaw Networks, which today is releasing a major new study showing how various consumer lifestyle groups relate to digital media in out-of-home locations.
  • Outside Thinking: Mike DiFranza, Captivate Network
    If you happen to bump into Mike DiFranza in an elevator, he may be the only person you encounter who doesn't look the other way. Chances are, he will be looking directly at you to see what you are looking at while ascending or descending to your destination. As founder, president and general manager of Captivate Network, DiFranza is one of the pioneers of the burgeoning digital out-of-home video business, and is one of the people responsible for getting it on base on Madison Avenue, and for helping to build out its infrastructure.
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