• Gannett Spins Off Captivate
    Captivate Network, which operates digital displays in elevators in over 1,000 big office buildings across the U.S. and Canada, is being partially spun off by owner Gannett Co., which has partnered with private equity firm Generation Partners. Henceforth Captivate will be a separate company co-owned by Gannett and Generation.
  • Advertising Week Takes Over Times Square
    Did you know there are digital signs in Times Square that are suitable for carrying advertising messages? If not, a whole raft of publicity stunts and campaigns will help educate you about the existence of these signs during Advertising Week and beyond.
  • LCD Signage Shipments Jump
    While not every digital display sold necessarily carries advertising, shipments of digital signage are a pretty good bellwether for the digital out-of-home advertising business that depends on them. And judging by the latest industry data, cutting edge LCD signage -- and with it , DOOH -- are booming.
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