Arbitron: DO Reaches Two-Thirds Of U.S. Adults

A new study from Arbitron documents the considerable reach of digital out-of-home video, with 155 million U.S. adults coming into contact with the medium in the last month -- that's 67% of the adult population. What's more, consumers are likely to have multiple exposures: of the group that recalled seeing a DO display in the last month, 76% recalled seeing them at multiple venues. This sub-segment equals about 51% of the total adult population, meaning more than half of American adults can recall multiple exposures.

According to the Arbitron study, titled "Out-of-Home Digital Video Display Study 2009," retail establishments are among the most widely visited DO venues, reaching 123 million American adults, or 53% of the adult population, in an average month. 22% of those surveyed could recall seeing video displays at a gas station, 21% at a movie theater, 19% at an airport, 19% at a doctor's office or hospital, 18% at restaurants, fast-food chains, bars and other places serving food or beverages, 14% in an office building or elevator, 7% on mass transit, and 7% at health clubs.

The Arbitron study also created DO profiles for certain key demographic groups, including affluent households, male adults, young adults and Hispanics, and how they can be reached most effectively. For example, bar-goers exposed to DO video are 53% more likely to be young adults, elevator viewers are 88% more likely to be affluent, sporting event viewers are 27% more likely to be male, and transit hub viewers are 100% more likely to be Hispanic than the population at large.

In recent years Arbitron has focused on building up its research and measurement capabilities in the DO arena, touting both its custom research division and the potential of its Portable People Meter, a passive electronic measurement device, for tracking out-of-home video exposure. It should be noted that Arbitron distinguishes between out-of-home video delivered by the new generation of DO networks, and broadcast or cable TV viewing out of the home (e.g., TVs in sports bars).

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