Outcast/PumpTop Bow Lotto Promo

California, vying for the title of brokest state in the Union, is getting a boost for its lottery promotion from Outcast and PumpTop TV, which are helping reach consumers at one of the main points of purchase for lotto tickets -- gas stations. The new product, Lotto Live, is promoting the Mega Millions lotto with new technology that allows the DO network to deliver real-time updates on the lotto jackpot.

Lotto Live displays an up-to-the-minute ticker figure showing the California lottery Mega Millions jackpot next to tailored video and audio content, including messages that can be changed as the amount increases. The display also updates the draw dates and provides directions to the nearest lottery kiosk, increasing the relevancy and appeal of the lotto message. The DO networks hope to extend the Lotto Live product to other state lottos.

Outcast and PumpTop TV, which joined forces in a joint venture in June 2009, offer advertisers a combined network of 12,600 screens at service stations and convenience stores around the United States, including 15 top DMAs. PumpTop TV launched in California, with gas station partners in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento.



Both companies have also signed a number of content deals. Pumptop TV's partners include ABC News Now for national news, delivered along with a mix of local, entertainment and business news, as well as sports scores and weather updates. PumptopTV also has a deal with Google to bring interactive search functions to the touch-screen displays. This allows consumers to search for nearby businesses and even print out directions, if desired.

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