More DOOH Companies Tap Intel AIM for Measurement

Intel’s Audience Impression Metrics Suite is on a roll, with multiple digital out-of-home video companies tapping the new service for audience measurement in recent weeks. The latest is DS-IQ, which announced that it is incorporating AIM into its Retail Media Platform.

With the incorporation of Intel’s AIM Suite, DS-IQ says its Retail Media Platform can now incorporate real-time audience characteristics and engagement as inputs for store analytics around foot-traffic patterns, product engagement, and product abandonment by store. 



Intel AIM Suite-enabled screens in retail venues will pass data to DS-IQ’s optimization and behavioral targeting system to enable targeted media, which is delivered based on audience detection technology. Viewership data from Intel AIM Suite enables DS-IQ to target and optimize based on continuous analysis of transactional sales data collected from retailers’ point-of-sale systems.

As noted, DS-IQ is just the latest in a series of companies to adopt Intel’s AIM Suite. Toward the end of January InWindow Outdoor announced a pilot program to create fixed “experience stations” in malls and hotel locations nationwide in partnership with Intel. The free-standing, seven-foot-tall interactive kiosks will enable InWindow to develop a variety of “immersive” brand experiences, including gesture interaction, multi-touch screens and near-field-communication capabilities. The kiosks utilize Intel’s AIM Suite to measure the time a user spends interacting with ads and brand content, while also determining the age bracket and gender of audiences, enabling delivery of more relevant, targeted advertising. The concept is a finalist in Digital Signage Expo's Annual APEX Awards' New Concept Category.

Around the same time, Provision Interactive Technologies announced that it was integrating Intel’s AIM Suite for audience measurement into its 3D holographic kiosk displays. Like the InWindow Outdoor kiosks, the Provision 3D kiosk consists of a 3D holographic display at the top of the device, paired with a 2D interactive screen below that provides consumers access to information, promotions, rewards, coupons and product samples. And again similarly, Intel’s AIM Suite technology allows Provision to anonymously gather data about viewers, including key demographic characteristics and the amount of time a person spends looking at the 3D holographic display.

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