rVue Launches New DOOH Verification Tool

During the last few weeks, DOOH networks and technology providers have launched a flurry of DOOH analytics tools. The latest new product comes from rVue Inc., which unveiled a new verification technology to provide real-time analytics across digital out-of-home networks, regardless of the player technology employed.

The ad verification technology embeds a reporting beacon in DOOH advertising, thus avoiding the manual process of data collection, which often results in delays in campaign performance reporting; The technology uses a scalable cloud computing architecture, and should be able to deliver daily reporting on over 100 million DOOH ad playback events each day.

The ad tracking technology conforms to IAB’s VAST standards for reporting digital video advertising, in a step rVue says is intended to make DOOH comparable with other forms of digital advertising.

Jason Kates, CEO and president of rVue, Inc., stated: “rVue’s real-time reporting for digital signage advertising campaigns provides the type of accountability advertisers receive from other digital media.”



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