U.S. is cutting its teeth on mobile

  • by September 22, 2009
Jason Yim, President and Executive Creative Director, Trigger LLC, talking about the company's efforts for National Mandela Day: "We had the man, a great message and a great mission. The barrier to entry was pretty low. Mobile was an important facet. But, again, start with idea, good content. Without that, I don’t know how successful any mobile app will be."

Next stop for the effort is Madrid. "In the U.S., we are so far behind. We use mobile passively," he says. "With proximity marketing, we should expect more dynamic use of mobile. In many ways [in the campaign], mobile was tip of iceberg as we roll out through Europe and Asia, who are so much more sophisticated than we are in mobile and in many other ways as well."

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  1. Patrick Collins, September 23, 2009 at 1:44 a.m.

    Ummm... I think you'll find that it was Peter McGuinness of Gotham, not Lim. But we'll forgive you, it was a snoozy day after the awards.

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