Virgin, CW's 'Fly Girls' Take Off

Virgin America's in-flight staff

Moving further into the branded entertainment/reality TV show genre, The CW and U.S. airline Virgin America are launching a new reality TV show called "Fly Girls."

The series, which will launch mid-season, will focus on young women and their high-flying travels around the globe. The premise matches The CW key core demographic: young women 18-34.

A reality TV series focusing on an airline has been done before, with "Airline" on the A&E Networks. The show, which ran from 2004-2005, focused mostly on customers, and also on the employees/pilots of Southwest Airlines. Granada Television was the producer; "Airline" was based on a UK show.

"Fly Girls" will take place over eight half-hour episodes, looking at the on-the-go lives of five Virgin America flight attendants who jet to locations such as Las Vegas, Miami and New York.

Although the Virgin America brand is dominant and visible in the series, a spokeswoman for the airline says: "This is not a branded entertainment show, but rather a docu-series that happens to follow the lives of Virgin America in-flight teammates."

One of the CW major shows, "America's Next Top Model," a reality TV competition show, has many branded-entertainment extensions by TV marketers in the series.



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