That's A Wrap: Ads To Cover Deli Sandwiches

It's impossible to leave the office and buy a sandwich at the local deli without being exposed to advertising of some kind. I never expected my food to be wrapped in it, however.

Mediacy launched the BrandWrapper, which allows advertisers to place ads on sandwiches and other to-go foods in partner coffee bars and delis nationwide.

I'm surprised we haven't seen this technique before, especially since there's been ads on watermelons and even inside the dentist's office.

Advertising on sandwich wrappers is cheap, costing less than ten cents per wrapper. The media buy is brokered through Mediacy, with agencies providing wrapper creative.

It takes three weeks for creative to appear on wrappers; 4-color art is used and printed using vegetable inks. Campaigns can run for a little as one week.

"There has not been a new and innovative POS packaging product since coffee sleeves hit the market more than a decade ago," said Michael Gitter, president of Mediacy.

Credit card companies, beverages and OTC pharmaceutical accounts would be ideal BrandWrapper advertisers, according to Gitter.  One advertiser example was a sandwich wrapped in the recognizable "Got Milk" logo. This would work on numerous sandwiches aside from the mainstay peanut butter and jelly.

Pepto-Bismol and Tums should be all over the spicy sandwich market. Can you imagine ordering a buffalo chicken sandwich wrapped in a Tums logo?

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