Hyundai Drives Ads To Times Square

Hyundai ads in Times Square

Hyundai Motor America is, for the first time, advertising on a Times Square billboard. The cube-shaped sign at 2 Times Square has two LED screens showing video content, flanked on each side by two banners.

The ad, featuring the automaker's Genesis Coupe, is running video footage showing the Genesis Coupe being driven on the Road Atlanta racetrack, while a super asks: "What's your excuse?" The super than says: "But, officer. . .," followed by a series of fill-in-the-blank type responses: "I always drive fast when I hear opera!" "I was trying to activate the flux capacitor." "I get muscle spasms in the leg."

Chris Perry, director of marketing communications for the Fountain Valley, Calif.-based automaker, says the effort aligns with its big-media strategy over the past year with heavy advertising on the Super Bowl, Academy Awards and World Cup.



"Times Square billboards draw 1.5 million impressions daily, and it is one of the most iconic locations for outdoor advertising. So it aligns perfectly with our overall brand strategy," stated Perry.

The company introduced the Genesis Coupe in Super Bowl ads this year, and Hyundai also sponsored the pre-game. Hyundai's Assurance program, offering buyers the opportunity to return their cars if they have lost their jobs, got mileage during the Oscars telecast.

The company, which also has the new Genesis Coupe in Microsoft's "Forza Motorsport 3" driving game for Xbox 360, says it will put text-messaging capability into the sign, "so viewers can customize responses and post them to the video board." The company says it will keep content updated.

Hyundai -- which next year moves up a notch from Genesis with its first true premium car, based on the Korea-market Equus -- posted October sales numbers 49% above the month last year, making the tenth month in a row in which the company had sales gains.

Hyundai's year-to-date sales are up 4%. The company sold 1,850 Genesis cars, a 65% increase.

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