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GM Exec Says Volt Won't Be Expanded As A Brand

Toyota may be thinking about building out its Prius hybrid brand into a full-blown line of vehicles but General Motors doesn't intend to extend the Volt nameplate after it's launched next year. Instead, it will transfer the technology -- which combines a rechargeable battery pack for all-electric driving with a gas-powered generator for longer trips -- to other products.

"The Volt was the original vehicle that we started, but I wouldn't see that as a brand marketing direction for us," Brent Dewar, chief of global operations for Chevrolet, told the Reuters Autos Summit in Detroit.

Bob Carter, group vp of Toyota's U.S. sales arm, told the summit earlier in the week that he believed the Prius had become synonymous with hybrid cars for many consumers just as Kleenex has for facial tissue.



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