Just An Online Minute... Toys For Tots And Lots O' Scotch, That's A Buddy Media Holiday!

Buddy Media Holiday Party, Chez Buddy Media, New York
December 8, 2009

I was so hot when I left the VEVO Launch Party that I didn't even put my coat and scarf on until I was on the sidewalk outside Skylight Studios.  I quickly zipped my camera into my bag... just in time for Bono to walk by me so closely I could have picked his nose. Yarg! Coated and scarved I hopped back on the C and headed up to Broadway and 61st for the Buddy Media Holiday party, whose theme this year was "checking things off the list"  I was afraid that because of Lady GaGa I had missed the festivities, but when I arrived at 9:30ish, those BMers and their buddies were in the midst raffling off A GPS and a Wii.  Buddy up!



Fuzzy antlers, pimp hats and a photo booth are all signs of a fun party.  That and a HUGE table full of toys to be donated to the Today Show Toy Drive.  Included on this table were two huge huggable teddy bears that will make some little kid so happy.  I took one for a test run, and I approve.  Next to the table of toys was a red velvet curtained photo booth that kept emptying and filling like a clown car, its inhabitants sporting Kanye West-like sunglasses, fuzzy antlers, boas, and other pimp styles that scream Happy Holidays! Waiting in line was Luke Taylor, who was also topped with a Santa hat.

Behind the photo booth was the food table, which I unfortunately didn't partake in because I was bouncing all over the room catching Buddy Media's Master of Socializing, Abby Lauterbach, in her Liza Minnelli sequined cardigan.  We spoke way too briefly, for the record.  Also in the house was David Honig, VP, Platform Sales for Buddy Media.  When did that happen.  I swear when I saw him at OMMA Global he was still with Media6Degrees, which he founded.  Kass Lazerow, COO of Buddy and her husband Mike Lazerow, Chairman and CEO, made a fool of that dance floor with their entrepreneurial moves.

Jeff Ragovin, recently appointed to Chief Revenue Officer at Buddy Media was also bouncing around the room, camera in hand.  I found Gail Hilton of Thought Equity Motion yakking it up with Nate Hermes from the Horn Group and Ryan Lawler, who I had just left at the VEVO launch.  He's a quick one, that guy.  

Everyone, having had access to the open bar since 6:00p.m was in full cut loose mode, and really, who wants to cut loose when there's a camera around?  I took my exit and hit P.J. Clarke's for a Cadillac Burger and some perfectly cooked fries since it was now close to 11:00p.m and I hadn't eaten since lunch.  It was a meaty end to a meaty night!

It's not over yet, more holiday surprises await, including Rock n Roll Karaoke at Arlene's Grocery with the good people at Zemoga.  I say "good people" but I haven't met them yet.  But really - Rock n Roll Karaoke? Jerkfaces just don't do that sort of thing.

Everyone likes pictures!

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