Branded Dollars Spread 'Positive' Financial Message

Seeding branded currency into circulation has been done before as an initiative to promote TV shows, city tourism, casinos, banks and financial Web sites.

Creative usually consists of a sticker that covers Washington's face or sits aside it. Space is limited, so copy is short and sweet, often including a URL, a contest code or a snappy line about the promotion.

Minyanville, which creates branded business content that educates and entertains adults and children about the world of finance, is seeding thousands of specially branded dollar bills into circulation as part of its "Get Positive on Money!" campaign. The company aims to educate the public on money management, especially in this down economy.

Minyanville-branded dollar bills will circulate for six months. "Get Positive on Money," reads copy around the Treasury seal. To the left of the seal is Minyanville's Web address and to the right it states, "Turn $1 into $100."

Minyanville created a microsite for those who receive a branded-Minyanville dollar, enabling users to enter the bill's ten-digit serial number to see if their bill is worth $100. Six circulated bills are worth $100.

"Get Positive on Money is Minyanville's way of easing people out of their economic funk by motivating them to understand what to do with their money and make them more comfortable with finance," said Kevin Wassong, president of Minyanville Media. "People are scared and good, trusted, truthful financial insight is hard to come by. We want them to know that the beginning of a strong financial future is not that far away."

Browse the microsite and you'll notice a Google Map of locations where Minyanville-branded money was found. Most states have at least one entered bill. Even Hawaii has seen Minyanville money; Alaska, not so much.

"If people don't win $100, we hope they'll spend the bills so they will continue to circulate," added Wassong. "Minyanville is doing its part to stimulate the economy. We will come out of this feeling 'successful' if we learn that even some of the Get Positive on Money participants came out of this economic turmoil a little bit more comfortable with their financial future."

Take that, recession.

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  1. Mikki Beno, December 22, 2009 at 9:26 a.m.

    Guess what, if they expect the money to stay in circulation that long, they're not familiar with the banking system. Anyone who receives one of these dollars and then deposits it at a bank, i.e. most retailers, restaurants, etc., that dollar will get pulled from circulation and destroyed by the bank. Any money that has been "defaced" will get destroyed when it reaches a bank. The only way it will stay in circulation is if someone who receives it then spends it somewhere that it won't be immediately deposited at a bank. I register bills at "Where's George" website, and have this happen to my bills several times. Not an effective way to advertise IMO.

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