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Report: Nexus One To Be Sold Only By Google

Boy Genius Report confirms Google plans to sell its forthcoming flagship smartphone directly to consumers via the Web. Citing internal information from T-Mobile, the blog says Google plans to launch the Nexus One phone in early January and will handle customer support for the device and exchanges along with manufacturer HTC.

T-Mobile will provide billing, wireless coverage and rate plans as they do for other unlocked handsets on their network. The carrier could also start subsidizing the device sometime around March, according to BGR.

The blogger has doubts about whether Google and HTC are up to fielding customer support calls. Google, for that matter, doesn't have a lot of experience directly selling anything, so questions surrounding its ability to be a full-service phone dealer are well taken. When Amazon came out with the Kindle--its own breakthrough device -- it at least knew a bit about selling stuff online.

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