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The Splinternet Is Upon Us; Bad News/Good News Scenarios

Speaking of the iPad, as everyone seems to be doing this morning, we located two stories that delve into the implications of the device for marketers. Forrester Research's Josh Bernoff tells "Marketplace"'s Kai Ryssdal that the iPad and other new products and apps are responsible for shattering the Web into pieces, which particularly creates problems for entities trying to reach consumers.

Take Kraft Foods, for example, and its iFood app for the iPhone. "If you happen to have a Google Android and you want to get that, well, you're going to have to wait and see if they bring it out on that environment," say Bernoff. "And this is replicated over and over again. For every company that is trying to reach consumers, they now must decide which platform to head out on ...."

Laurie Burkitt, meanwhile, writes in Forbes CMO Network that the iPad represents a big opportunity for advertisers. Jeremy Lockhorn, director of emerging media at digital agency Razorfish, tells her that the device will allow consumers to interact with content in new ways.



"When viewing an episode of TV's 'Mad Men,' for example, consumers could tap on objects, such as Don Draper's hat, to get more information about the items and where to buy them." (Us crustier types who were there for the early days of the Internet, however, may just take our fedoras out of storage.)

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