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Hold The IPad, Here Come A Few Dissenting Views

David Sarno and Alex Pham tell us that funeral preparations for Amazon's Kindle e-reader are way premature despite the initial response of some bloggers. It has a longer battery life, a screen that's supposedly easy on the eyes, it's cheaper to buy and will have less costly and more plentiful downloadable books at its online bookstore, which is available via a free wireless connection. And it's lighter. Among other things.

"If the user is interested in buying a device for books," says iSuppli analyst Jagdish Rebello, "the Kindle is a no-brainer." Adds the not-disinterested Russ Wilcox, the head of E Ink Corp., which created the digital paper technology used by Kindle: "If you like your kids, get them an iPad so they can play games. If you love them, get them an e-reader so they can actually read."

Also on the iBacklash front, the AP has a story this morning that the San Jose Mercury News is running under the headline, "Apple's iPad: For Some, It's One Gadget Too Many." Adobe's Adrian Ludwig does a bit of Apple bashing of his own over the device's inability to run Adobe Flash, Kit Eaton reports in Fast Company. "Basically Adobe is painted as being super consumer-friendly, while Apple is a tyrannical dictator." And in the New York Times, Brad Stone reports on the various controversies over the iPad name itself that are consuming many bytes in the blogosphere.




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