Manage Food Allergies Online

More than 70 million people living in the United States and Canada suffer from some form of food sensitivity, ranging from food allergies to intolerances, according to TAXI New York. The agency created a free Web site that allows food allergy sufferers to effectively manage their sensitivities through the creation of "safe food" lists and forums to communicate with people with similar food restrictions.

The homepage houses an instructional video educating visitors about the site. Relevant news stories around the Internet are aggregated into three categories: Celiac News, FDA Safety Alerts and Food Allergy News.

Once users register to the site, food allergy data can be organized and shared. I imagine this must be remarkably convenient to parents of children with food allergies. Information can be shared with family members, teachers and friends.

Members create food sensitivity profiles, specifying ingredients to avoid. On the opposite spectrum, users can create and share a list of safe food ingredients.

There's also a recipes section where personal recipes can be uploaded and shared, in addition to a shopping list capability where multiple lists can be created, including one that consists of ingredients from a "safe foods" list.

Community forums allow members to share recipes, information and feedback with fellow members who suffer from similar food allergies.

The site also comes in a mobile application, making it convenient for members to access and research data on the move.

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