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Media Is Upside Down (And So Is Search)

Media pundit, NYU journalism professor and author Jeff Jarvis argues that "new spheres of discovery" are changing the fundamental economics of media, and, with the raise of "factory-famed content," flipping it. "We, the people formerly known as the audience, initiate the sequence of a media transaction, writes Jarvis.

What this means for Jarvis, is that the people want a story before it is written, and that it is delivered to them, a la Demand Media, instead of the other way around. And, Chris Anderson will appreciate this, "Media doesn't come just from media anymore," writes Jarvis. "Retailers, airlines, government, doctors, teachers, communities -- any and all of us -- will all be media, understanding the needs of a public and using all these tools to answer them without having to go through the old media brands to create content or reach an audience."



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