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Foursquare Gets Its Close-Up

As anyone who watched Bravo last night may already know, up-and-coming location-based social network Foursquare just ran its first TV spot. It apparently appeared alongside the always riveting docu-drama "Sheer Genius" between the hours of 9 and 10 PM. The 20-second spot was actually created by Bravo to highlight its recently announced partnership with Foursquare, which includes virtual Bravo branded "badges," and prizes for Foursquare members who "check-in" via mobile device at various Bravo themed locations.

Bravo is inviting marketers to participate through promotional elements such as partner sweepstakes, which will be tied to users' unlocking the various Bravo badges. "This," notes TechCrunch, "is believed to be one of the deals currently earning Foursquare some revenue. While such broad TV exposure could change matters, Foursquare is still quite niche with less than half a million users. Following its partnership with Bravo, Foursquare more recently announced partnerships with Zagat, Warner Bros., HBO, the History Channel and ExploreChicago.



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