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Sources: Twitter Ad Platform Quite Google-Like

Want to know how Twitter's highly-anticipated ad platform is going to look and function? Just check out AdSense, says MediaMemo. According to those briefed by the microblogging leader, its ads will be tie into Twitter searches -- "in the same way that Google's original ads did" -- and will only show up in search results. Also, the ads will use the Twitter format -- 140 characters or less -- and will be distributed via the third party software and services that use Twitter's API.

Meanwhile, Twitter plans to work with ad agencies and buyers to "seed" the program, but eventually plans on implementing a self-serve model like Google's, according to MediaMemo. Yet, "Everyone I've talked to cautions that the plans are evolving and that there are plenty of details to work out," notes MediaMemo's Peter Kafka. "Including a launch date."



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