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Foursquare: Facebook Out Of Touch

Why isn't Foursquare afraid of Facebook? "Facebook used to be who your friends are, now it's everyone," its cofounder Dennis Crowley tells the Business Insider. "[Foursquare] is more tightly curated to who you want to have as your check-in friends ... Facebook is good place for status updates and sharing photos, not to keep tabs on where people are going."

For his sake, we hope Crowley's right. Otherwise, the fact that Facebook will soon offer Foursquare's key feature -- the ability to broadcast one's location to friends -- might be cause for concern. One problem? "Facebook has 400 million monthly users," writes Business Insider. "Even if 'checking-in' with Facebook only catches on with a small percentage of the site's users -- such a userbase could easily dwarf Foursquare's half a million users." In his defense, Crowley argues that Foursquare is more than a mere "social graph," but rather a leader in the field of "gaming recommendation services."



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