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Think you can't have fun in small places? Think again. Frito Lay launched two TV spots promoting its single-serving multipacks, which compact fun into tight spots. In "Elevator," a woman drives a bumper car in small quarters. Similar to what happened to Austin Powers, this woman bumps from wall-to-wall, but has fun trying to vacate the elevator. Watch it here. A family munches on snacks as Dad struggles while "Wall Climbing." He's sweating, struggling, and barely off the ground. See it here. BBDO, Toronto created the campaign, directed by Scott Corbett of Holiday Films.

Headaches can sometimes feel like a woodpecker pecking at your skull. I really like this portrayal. Nurofen offers pain sufferers "targeted relief from pain." The ad begins with a woman with a throbbing bull's-eye on her head. Inside her noggin is a bird pecking a tree. Nurofen takes effect and targets the specific source of pain, turning the woodpecker into a happy, quiet tree resident. See it here. Mother London created the campaign, produced by Psyop, New Yorkand Smuggler, London.



Hyundai had major ad presence throughout the Academy Awards, featuring celebrity voiceovers from Kim Basinger, Richard Dreyfuss, David Duchovny, Catherine Keener, Michael Madsen, Mandy Patinkin and Martin Sheen. Regular voiceover Jeff Bridges could not be used, since the Academy has a rule that limits the use of nominees in ads. My favorite Hyundai ad of the night was "Luxury." What better place to launch an ad about extreme excess than an awards ceremony? Luxury is made available to everyone in the ad, shown here. Police officers eat caviar, basketball is played with designer balls, lobster is served in lunchroom cafeterias, crosswalks are made from red carpets and chandelier streetlights illuminate the town. Moral of the story: since those luxuries are fantasies, you should drive a Sonata to experience lavishness. Innocean Worldwide created the campaign.

I might like OK Go's music videos better than their actual music. The band's latest video, "This Too Shall Pass," is a large chain reaction set to music, which lasts nearly four minutes. The homage to Rube Goldberg was funded by State Farm insurance, a tidbit mentioned at the conclusion of the video. Look closely, though, and you'll see State Farm's logo at the start of the video on the red toy truck. Watch it here. The end result took two days to shoot, close to 60 takes, months of planning -- and easily puts the "Truffle Shuffle" to shame. James Frost of Zoo Films directed the video, which was co-created along with OK Go and Syyn Labs.

BBC Global News launched a TV spot promoting "SuperPower," a series of programs aimed to change the way people think about the Internet. A ghostly, floating woman portrays the wealth of Internet users in the ad, seen here. She walks alongside President Obama, stands in front of a bulldozer knocking down a forest of trees, and walks into raging gunfire. "Our army is a billion strong and growing. We are the people of the Internet and together we are shaping the future of human kind," ends the ad, created by RKCR Y&R.

Sony created a video used at trade shows and in stores worldwide that plays off the brand's global brand message of "make.believe." "Eye Candy" is divided into three parts: "Birth of Color," "Explosion of Color" and "Release of Color." Eggs crack, releasing blue and pink yolk. A woman is colorized, along with trees, apples and flowers. Twirling dance outfits further bring color to life, and the video ends with a flying parrot and bursting bubbles. Watch it here. ChickINchair created the campaign, directed by Will Hyde of Superfad.

The music is upbeat and that's about it. Apple launched "Meet iPad," the debut spot promoting the April 3 iPad release date, during the Academy Awards. A user reads a book and newspaper, organizes pictures, watches a movie and sends email while "There Goes My Love" by The Blue Van plays. That's all she wrote. See the ad here. TBWA/Media Arts Lab created the campaign and handled the media buy.

How did I miss this initiative last year? When Tribune Media Group launched, a blog network covering topics like politics, sports, fashion and sex, the company took to the streets of Chicago to spread the word. Outside a Cubs game a car was stacked in between two cars with a sign reading, "Call me crazy, but I think Chicago needs more parking." See it here. Another stunt featured strewn undergarments leading up to a steamed up car, feet in the window, and signage for the Sex and the Windy City blog, now at See it here. A "chalk blog" was created in Chicago's Pioneer Court using 40 eight-foot boards that encouraged passersby to jot their opinions. Print ads shown here, here and here, stayed on-theme with snippy creative addressing alleged baseball curses and famous building name-changes. Zig created the campaign.

Random iPhone App of the week: Outdoor gear and apparel retailer REI has updated its Snow Report app, adding additional features to help cold weather lovers find the best conditions for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Users can customize the application to view up to 12 different slopes via GPS, and view trail maps and Twitter feeds for more than 200 resorts, provided by REI members and customers. And check out the company's sporting gear and apparel, while you're at it. Download the App here, created by Zumobi.

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  1. Jeffrey Jones from Word.Jones, March 12, 2010 at 4:13 p.m.

    "This Too Shall Pass".
    I love this stuff.

    VW had one a few years ago, that I can't find now, that was also outstanding.

    Thanks, as always, Amy.

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