Dish Says DirecTV Doesn't Tell The 'Truth'


Satellite TV advertising wars --- and lawsuits -- between DirecTV and Dish Network continue.

Last month, DirecTV sued Dish over its "Why Pay More" ad campaign, which told customers it could get a channel lineup from Dish for only $39.99 per month versus a comparable one from DirecTV for $63.99 per month. DirecTV was denied an injunction to stop those ads.

Much of the conflict comes from identifying (or mis-identifying) programming packages analyzed in the respective campaigns.

Dish says its original ads compared the Dish America's Top 120 package with DirecTV's Choice package. But DirecTV in its "To Tell the Truth" campaign compares the Dish AT120 and DirecTV Choice Xtra tiers.

In the "Truth" campaign, a DirecTV "contestant" implies that channels such as AMC, Animal Planet, Bravo, and FX are included in their package, but not Dish's.

In addition, the countersuit says DirecTV falsifies its overall HD claims: "DirecTV has repeatedly advertised that it has the capacity for 200 channels of HD programming, without clarifying that DirecTV does not actually offer 200 channels, in a manner that is likely to mislead consumers."



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