It's Official, The U.S. Ad Reovery Is Here

Or so says, Brian Wieser, the director of global forecasting at Interpublic's Magna unit, in an updated ad outlook released moments ago. "In total, we expect media suppliers to generate $164.5 billion dollars of advertising revenues during 2010," Wieser writes. “On the back of continued improvements in the economy and an increased likelihood of sustained growth in the near-term, MAGNA forecasts that excluding Political and Olympic advertising on TV, on a normalized basis the US advertising economy will grow by 1.6% during 2010, ahead of our prior forecast of flat year-to-year growth.  Including Political and Olympic advertising, we expect 3.0% total industry growth for 2010.  As expectations for the broader economy have improved over an extended time-frame as well, we are increasing our long-term forecasts, and now expect growth to average 3.5% between 2010 and 2015, up from +2.3% previously.” Among the major media, Wieser says television remains the largest advertising platform in the United States, generating $56.0 billion in total advertising revenues during 2010. “Online advertising will once again prove to be the fastest growing medium during 2010,” he adds, “with paid search alone rising 16.8%.  Local media is generally likely to perform better than we had previously forecast as well.”
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