DoubleClick Certifies Mpire Ad Verification Platform

In a move that demonstrates the growing importance of ad verification platforms, Mpire will announce Monday that its product AdXpose has been certified by DoubleClick for Publishers. The company also inked three third-party deals to verify ads for Dedicated Media, Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) Video Network, and

The certification process began late last year after Mpire provided DoubleClick with proof it had demand from clients, such as MediaCom. It also had to prove compliance with specific template documents and guidelines. That meant assuring ad delivery requirements and JavaScript would not impact delivery times. It also meant guaranteeing the technology would be implemented as a wrapper tag or a server side redirect. It took six months to receive certification.

Developing Mpire's technology to certification specs required the company to integrate DoubleClick's creative templates into the platform. That allows clients to add AdXpose services through a drop-down list, as opposed to altering or editing tags manually.



Verifying a variety of interaction between consumers and ads, such as geographic targeting and page-level placement leaves the process open to human error, explains Kirby Winfield, president and chief revenue officer of Mpire.

Winfield says it's been an uphill battle trying to educate executives at agencies and their clients on the benefits of ad verification. "Analysts tell me these issues verification providers solve have been in the industry for years, so why would it become more of an issue now?" he adds. "It becomes more of an issue now because of the proliferation of non-premium display inventory and value-added companies that intermediate between companies in the value chain."

The more layers get between an advertiser and publisher, the more verification required to confirm companies get the services promised.

Advertising and commerce models need to back consumer engagement, not just clicks. DoubleClick certification means companies that deploy the product spend less times integrating the technology because they don't need to rip out their ad server, says Jordan Rohan, managing director and Internet analyst at Thomas Weisel Partners. "As simple as that sounds, it's a quantum leap forward," he says. "It makes it easier to monitor levels of engagement beyond clicks."

Rohan says the industry knows "all clicks are not created equal" and marketers shouldn't give all the same weight when it comes to attribution for the sale. A variety of media spur different responses depending on the context and engagement level.

That's why the partnerships Mpire also plans to announce today represent a "small step down an important path for greater clarity," Rohan says.

Those are three partnerships in which Mpire will provide third-party verification of ad campaigns, as well as distribution of long-form content and analyze publisher placement level, performance, and optimization.

DBG chose Mpire after testing it against several competitive systems with several hundred million impressions and more than 20 campaigns spanning several business verticals and clients. The results from using AdXpose demonstrated an ability to match competitors and data against specific client objectives, extensive data configurations and a constant product development roadmap.

Winfield says Mpire will focus on solving attribution next. Someone who mouses over an ad, but doesn't click, still has value. Mpire has a JavaScript tag that wraps around the creative. Mpire provides a tracking layer beneath the ad impression after rendering to track what happens on the Web page and in the ad.

Mpire supports about 50 clients, from agencies to networks and supply platforms. Its platform AdXpose also integrates into Microsoft's Atlas, Yahoo's Yield Manager, AOL's AdTech, ValueClick's Mediaplex MOJO, Zedo, and OpenX.

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