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Data: Smartphone Sales Soaring

The global smartphone market saw its best quarter in nearly three years, according to new findings from research firm Strategy Analytics. Global smartphone shipments jumped by a whopping 50% to 54 million in the first quarter -- up from 36 million year-over-year.

Nokia, for one, shipped a record 21.5 million smartphones, which gave it a dominant 40% market share. Beating out Apple's 16.4% market share, Blackberry-make RIM accounted for a 20% market share in the first quarter. Separately, IDC reported that the broader mobile phone market grew by by 21.7% to 294.9 million during the first quarter -- up from 242.4 million units during the first quarter of 2009. Not bad, considering that the mobile phone market had actually declined 16.6% during that quarter from the previous quarter in 2008.

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