iMarketing Resource Guide

Marketers who fail to capitalize on the weapons of our times undoubtedly will find themselves buried deep in digital dust. If your business—the business of advertising, the art and science of connecting people and brands and media—is still your business, and if you’re committed to take full advantage of what will work, then the fundamental structure of how and where you spend your marketing dollars has to change. Because not only can you reach people whose use of the Internet may be displacing their consumption of other media, you can also reach them in new contexts, using the latest technologies.

Whether gathering data from site visitors or delivering to millions of recipients a targeted message, managers at the cutting edge of online media need to know how to craft their company’s strategy, spend its marketing dollars, and leverage the appropriate tools and technologies that lead to brilliant execution of advertising across all media channels.

Specializing in the areas of affiliate programs, sweepstakes, permission-based email campaigns, customer-relationship management, and online marketing data research, the companies listed in this iMarketing Resource Guide can help you build a customized, profitable online marketing model.

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