Out to Launch

Eastpak bags are "built to resist." Just ask the rebellious little people skateboarding naked, playing guitars that spew fire, and dancing. An oversized Eastpak is left on the street in the first ad, seen here. Before you can say, "if you see something, say something," a naked little person jumps out and skateboards past curious onlookers. A police cruiser is hot on his tail as the tagline, "built to resist" appears onscreen. An aging rocker tries to recapture his guitar mojo in "Battle," only to be outdone by a younger little person playing a fire-spewing guitar. The older man swings his guitar at the wee man, only to have him morph back into an Eastpak, which breaks the man's guitar and self-esteem. Watch it here. The final ad, the director's cut, features a slew of little people dressed as Mexican wrestlers, dancing on a rooftop. See it here. Satisfaction, Brussels created the ads, directed by Julian Pugsley.



Dodge Caravan campaign launched a duo of TV spots emphasizing features like voice-activated navigation and FLO TV. "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall remains the voiceover, making me both happy and constantly looking over my shoulder. A photographer, boasting a lame camera, rides through the dessert with military and top-secret personnel in "Turncoat." The car's navigation system provides directions to the emergency room. "Who's going to the emergency room?" asks the photog, in over his head. "All of us," responds one man. Not the answer I'd want to hear. Watch it here. "Alright, Kittens" is a game of cat and mouse, foiled by the intrusion of dogs. The spot pays homage to caper films, pitting a group of people wearing cat and mouse masks against one another. "It has everything, so you can do anything," closes the ad, seen here. Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign.

LG's "Iron Man 2" partnership ad promoting its Ally phone is so over-the-top ridiculous that I like it. Battle drones put a damper on a night out for a group of friends. One guy takes charge, delegating orders to friends, like finding the nearest crowbar shop, downloading cool rescue music, bidding on a car that's not upside down, checking OpenTable for dinner reservations and asking a guy trapped in his car upside down to shoot our hero -- who's standing near flames, because girls like guys who stand near flames. The choices of rescue music were "Eye of the Tiger," -- deemed too obvious -- and "More Than Words Can Say" by Alias. They had me at cheesy '80s music. See the ad here, created by Young & Rubicam New York.

I knew I was in for a treat when I saw a human-sized "Tube Sock" shuffling on a rug in an ad for Skittles new Fizzl'd Fruit. That's a lot of static electricity. An elderly couple is sitting on a sofa. The husband prefers his shock treatment to come from a giant tube sock full of static electricity tapping his tongue. His wife eats Skittles Fizzl'd Fruit instead. "They tingle on your tongue," she says. "It's covered," he replies. Watch the ad here, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day New York.

LG launched four print ads for its Jet Cool Air Conditioners, designed to lower the temperature in a room faster than normal air conditioners. Ads simplistically show situations where most people are blue, denoting a cool temperature, while others are red, and in desperate need of a cool-down. A woman serving dinner to guests is beyond mortified when "Grandpa" emerges, wearing cowboy boots and boxers. See it here. A man waits romantically for his wife to return from shopping, except she has a friend in tow. "Man Present" fail. See it here. A poker player is hot under the collar in another ad, seen here. The final execution shows a teen couple unexpectedly interrupted by the return of Mom, Dad and kid brother. See it here. Young & Rubicam New York created the ads.

John Smith's ale launched "Diner," starring Peter Kay, who reprises his role for the first time in five years, as the brand's no-nonsense man. Two couples are out to a casual dinner, and when a restaurant TV shows snippets of attractive women, the meal goes downhill. A wife asks her husband the dreaded question: if you could go out with anyone, who would it be? The hubby starts off well, telling his lady that she is the only woman in his life, but the wife persists. The husband nonchalantly responds, "Clare from work." Then he goes into fantasyland and lingers over the idea of he and Clare a bit too long. Watch the ad here, created by TBWA/London.

This ad is way too precious. A father has trouble ordering from the McDonald's drive-thru window. If he stops, he'll wake his sleeping "Baby." He whispers his order of an Egg McMuffin and coffee, puzzling staffers. Once his order is deciphered and made, the difficult job of payment handoff and food pick-up remains. Lucky for him, no one else used the drive-thru window. And what about the woman who leapt over the counter to hold up a paper showing how much he owed? It's about as believable as the money handoff (all change) and food pick-up (no hands on the wheel!). Other than that, a sweet ad. Watch it here, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day New York.

Food Network star Alton Brown wants to teach you about salt: kosher and sea salts. Cargill, maker of Diamond Crystal salt, launched, a site full of witty instruction and culinary advice. Follow Brown into the laboratory or test kitchen to see answers to questions like: Why cooks should season with kosher salt throughout the cooking process, and why sea salt is an ideal final ingredient to add to a dish before serving. Carmichael Lynch and Carmichael Lynch Spong created the site.

Random iPhone App of the week: Forget ambiance and décor. Twiddish caters to diners and food lovers who go to restaurants... for the food! All reviews, ratings, and photos are user-generated in real-time in micro-blogging format. Each Twiddish review contains a photograph of the dish, as taken by the foodie who ordered it, along with a rating based on flavor, aroma, portion size, presentation and value. Foodies can also search Twiddish by restaurant name to discover signature dishes. Fuzz Productions developed the app, available for free at the App Store.

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