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Times Sets Date For "Metered" Model: January 2011

The New York Times has set a date for the launch of its so-called "metered" pay model: January 2011. Times executive editor Bill Keller revealed the news while speaking at a dinner event for the Foreign Press Association on Thursday, according to Fast Company. Still, "We don't know what Keller's latest thinking on pricing is, or whether the new pay-protected Times will follow the Net edition model adopted by the London Times, which is to make the Web version very much like the paper edition."

In February, Janet Robinson, The Times Co.'s president and CEO, said the company was on track to launch its metered model, which involves charging for high levels of online content consumption. As to why the company is holding off for an entire year, The Times' own David Carr said the delay allowed executives to "land" the announcement, "with some authority, but not much impact." In January, the company promoted its VP of advertising Paul Smurl to spearhead the effort as VP of paid products.



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