Survey: Dealerships Key To Auto Brand Building

  • May 17, 2010
Foresight Research, a Rochester, Mich.-based auto market research firm, says in its "2010: Automotive Marketing Return On Investment" study that over 50% of all new car buyers surveyed reported the dealership experience as being "highly influential in the purchase process." The firm says that figure places dealership experience higher than any other element -- including the Internet -- in the car buying process for positively influencing sales.

The firm says 22% of all conquest buyers reported that the experience at the dealership gave them their "first favorable opinion" of the brand they ultimately purchased. Sixty-seven percent of respondents said that an inviting, modern and well-organized showroom were keys to influencing the sale. Brochure availability, financing options, accessorized vehicles and signage were also frequently mentioned as important to influencing the customer.

Of all buyers who were highly and positively influenced by the dealership experience, 90% suggested that their salesperson was professional; 84% noted the salesperson was knowledgeable and 66% noted the salesperson as trustworthy.--Karl Greenberg



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