Shopping For A Mobile Ad Campaign?

ABI Research estimates smartphones and connected computing devices will become the primary drivers of data traffic during the next five years, generating more than 87% of total mobile network data traffic for U.S. operators by 2014. The stat is based on a report on U.S. mobile operator network traffic that also suggests connected computing device traffic will grow by 90% through 2014.

Apple's iPhone and similar devices such as the Samsung Omnia and Motorola Droid will lead the traffic. These devices invite more customer interactivity, which can lead to extremely high data traffic consumption. Computing devices include laptops, netbooks, smartbooks, and media tablets.

Advertisers looking to jump into mobile ads might want to know ABI suggests Verizon will lead in support of data traffic by 2011, as a result of its high mobile broadband subscriber base and increasing penetration of customers with Android and similar high data-use smartphone devices.

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