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Hulu's Premium Plus Debuts

Following months of rumors and speculation, Hulu on Tuesday unveiled its subscription service, "promising access to episodes of more TV shows to customers who pay $9.99 a month," reports The New York Times' Media Decoder blog. Hulu Plus will essentially offer user more episodes of more shows on more platforms. "Hulu Plus amounts to a sweeping vision of the future of online, on-demand television viewing," concludes Media Decoder.

"Bypassing cable and satellite companies, broadcast networks are collecting money from viewers directly and allowing them to watch entire seasons of hit shows." For the first time ever, Hulu shows will be accessible to subscribers on the iPhone, the iPad, and on some television sets. Shortly, the content should be assessable through the PlayStation3 and Xbox video game consoles. Adds Media Decoder: "The subscription service is a tacit acknowledgment of the tremendous pressure that Hulu's ad-supported business model has been under ... Hulu says it is profitable, but because those profits are split between dozens of content providers, no one company is making a meaningful amount of money from the Web site currently."



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