Online Actions in June Show Increased Purchase Intent for Soccer Gear and the Jeep Grand Cherokee

The BlueKai Pulse is an analysis of data from the BlueKai Exchange, the world's largest online auction marketplace that manages anonymous intent data on over 160 million unique consumers across top-tier e-commerce, online travel agency and auto comparison sites. This installment specifically examines intent actions across retail, auto, and travel verticals for the month of June 2010. Intent actions are defined as views of specific models or brand pages on automotive comparison websites, trip configurations for flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, or vacation packages on travel websites and activity on retail price comparison or e-commerce sites.

"Top 10" is defined by overall data volume which indicates the most popular categories in each vertical. "Gainers and Decliners" reflect the most significant month-to-month jumps or falls for specific intent actions, which is indicative of seasonal shopping behaviors.

Retail/Blue Kai



The top 10 gainers in retail is led by purchase intent for Soccer equipment and gear in celebration of the 2010 World Cup. An overview of the top 10 back-to-school retail categories highlights the popularity of the Apple iPad as well as branded laptops over desktop computers.

Auto/Blue Kai

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a new addition to the top 10 auto list and also led in the top 5 auto gainers with 168% more purchase intent exhibited than the month before. The jump in popularity may be attributed to the rollout of the new Grand Cherokee 2011, which was made available for purchase in June.

Travel/Blue Kai

This month's top 10 list indicating purchase intent for domestic vacation packages reveals two Hawaii destinations, Oahu and Maui. Interestingly, these two cities did not show up as top cities for hotels & lodging purchase intent, indicating Hawaii travelers' preference for booking packages vs. hotel, airfare, and car rental a la carte.

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