Online Advertising Creativity: Social: Campaign: Deep Focus; Microsoft, "Bing FarmVille Engagement"

Deep Focus
Microsoft, "Bing FarmVille Engagement"


Bing Farmville

Bing, the "decision engine" from Microsoft, had the challenge of capturing users in a dominated market. Studies indicated trial intent occurred when users were made aware of the product while continued use was dependent upon individuals. Deep Focus partnered with Zynga and SVnetwork to develop an innovative, custom game integration, incentivizing FarmVille players to receive FarmVille currency, in exchange for 'Fanning' Bing on Facebook. The brand understood the target audience, game play and emerging cultural trends. Using the farm as a canvas, the whimsical engagement creative was designed to mimic Farm Art, a trend where players use crops and bushels of hay to create works of art. Users initiating through the FarmVille initiative were twice as likely to search with Bing than users who discovered Bing through other channels.

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