Online Advertising Creativity: Video: Campaign: The Concept Farm; Thomson Reuters/Reuters Insider, "Chart Karate"

The Concept Farm
Thomson Reuters/Reuters Insider, "Chart Karate"


Online Advertising Creativity: Video: Campaign: The Concept Farm

Even with financial professionals in mind, marketing a research tool in an engaging and entertaining manner is a challenge. Playing up the competitive nature of such research, The Concept Farm aligned Thomson Reuters and its Reuters Insider product with the highly engaging sport of Karate. A resulting Chart Karate microsite housed three videos, including "Master of the Markets," "Cubicle Ninja," and "Boardroom Ninja." The campaign received over 110,000 video views, while the microsite was viewed over 12,000 times with 12 percent of those coming virally from shared content. What's more, the microsite also had a 36 percent conversion rate for user engagement with a 60% CTR to the Reuters Insider website.

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