TV Futures: Mysteries Trump Vampires, New Dramas Most Wanted


A new season full of mystery is just how viewers like it.  

A TiVo poll says viewers can't get enough drama, crime scene shows, and suspense. At the same time, they are tiring of reality TV.

The most anticipated new series are all dramas -- CBS' "Law & Order: Los Angeles" (27%) and "Hawaii Five-0" (23%) are two of the biggest, according to the poll. NBC's "Undercovers" (13%) and "The Event" (13%) are next among the new shows.

Likewise, drama also leads the way among the returning shows. Highest anticipation in this category goes to CBS' "NCIS" (24%) and Fox's "House" (21%). NBC's comedy "The Office" is next, with a 15% score.

Overall, the TiVo poll says 27% of viewers enjoy the suspense category the most. Comedy isn't far behind, at 22%.

The poll pointed out some tiring subjects and TV categories. TiVo says that 40% voted reality TV as the most overdone area. Also in the "overdone" category are vampires and supernatural subject matter, both at 22%.

Repetition may be the best way to go for TV producers. TiVo says viewers mostly find new shows based on their similarity to existing shows they already watch and enjoy. In addition, about one-third of Americans watch Internet TV programs that accompany their favorite TV shows.



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