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Verizon App Store Vs. Google's Android?

Verizon Wireless has launched its own app marketplace -- dubbed V Cast Apps -- which some are speculating could compete directly against Google's Android app market. "Many users with Android phones on Verizon might already notice a V CAST Apps tab under the official Android Market, but we are told the new V CAST Apps will be its own full-blown app store," reports

"We are a little bit confused by this news because Google has played favorites with Verizon, and I can't imagine that Google welcomes a competing app store to the official Android Market." According to the Android-dedicated blog, Verizon opened submissions for Android apps into their V CAST App Store at the beginning of the month. "Entry into the store is completely free, but unlike the official Android Market (where anything goes) each app will go through a detailed evaluation and approval process prior to launch." For the moment, the V CAST App Store will only be available on Verizon devices running Android 2.2, including the Incredible, Droid 1, Droid 2, and Droid X.



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