Honda Will Pitch New Odyssey As Un-Minivan

  • September 15, 2010
On the heels of launching the CR-Z coupe, Honda is preparing to roll out the redesigned Odyssey minivan. Tom Peyton, Honda Senior Manager of advertising, tells MD the Torrance, Calif. automaker is reaching out to a new generation of parents, Gen-Y consumers who might be less than thrilled to suddenly find that they too have become soccer parents.

The new vehicle is designed to be sleeker, look un-minivan-like (although it has a larger interior capacity than the previous model) and drive like a car. Ads will feature a music background by none other than hard rock group Judas Priest, per Peyton. The company is also launching a redesigned version of the Civic next spring.

Peyton and Steve Center, Honda's advertising VP, were in New York on Wednesday for the ANA's Agency/Client Forum. Honda was represented as poster-company for a successful marriage with an agency. Honda has been with RPA for 36 years and counting -- a partnership that, per Honda, has lasted through 7 CEOs and five marketing executives.




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