4 Reasons To Implement Niche Marketing

If you have ever tried to market your product or idea to every single person on the Internet, you know that this tactic simply does not work. Mass marketing might work for products that every household or person may need at one point in their lives, but it will not work if you are marketing a very specific product, idea or service that only a select group of people will use.

To reach a defined, targeted audience that will be the most likely to buy your products, read your information or utilize your services, niche marketing needs to be implemented. Here are four reasons why:

  • Conversion rates with mass marketing will be on the lower end if you are not reaching people who are seriously interested in what you have to offer. As noted, mass marketing reaches everyone, from all walks of life. The majority of the people you reach will not be interested in what you are offering, and therefore the conversion rates will be down. This is especially true when you are using very broad-based keywords in your Internet marketing or SEO campaigns. With niche marketing, however, you will be using long-tail key phrases and very specific information in your marketing and SEO campaigns. While you will be reaching less people with this method, the people who are searching for longer and more exact key phrases will be people who are more serious about buying a product, using a service or finding the information that you have to offer.
  • It used to be that deciding on what niche you should get into on the Internet was a guessing game. Those who guessed the right keywords became very successful in their chosen niches, while others who made the wrong guess had to end up starting all over again with their niche marketing efforts. Due to technology, however, it is a lot easier to find niches and sub niches by using software-based programs and applications.
  • When implementing niche marketing, you will find that there is less competition to deal with, especially the further you drill down the niche. Whether you prefer PPC marketing or SEO marketing, there is one constant between the two of them. The constant is that it is very difficult to take over competition that has been present on the Internet for several years. These are the Web sites and marketing campaigns that started their general niche marketing or Web sites a decade or more ago. These same Web sites are also the ones that use very general and broad keyword phrases. Niche marketing allows you to get into a certain niche without having to spend years taking over the competition. The more specific you are with your key phrases, the less competition you are going to have.
  • The final reason you need to implement niche marketing is that it can help drive down PPC (pay per click) costs. Using very specific and relevant keywords, along with long-tail key phrases in the ads, will lower the cost per click for PPC ads. The lower cost is a result of less advertisers competing in the drilled-down niche that you are marketing.



There are many reasons that marketers should consider implementing niche marketing, but it is quite easy to see that there are benefits to be had from using this strategy in campaigns.

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