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Goldman Kicks Off National Advertising Campaign

Thomas Kaplan blogs that Goldman Sachs is trying to counteract what it knows is an unfavorable image with the public with a national advertising campaign that endeavors to educate John and Jane Q. Public about what it actually does (other than, as some may feel, "epitomize money-making nefariousness").

A full-page ad that ran in several newspapers yesterday showed wind turbines next to a smiling worker, who was standing at the base of one of them. Type across the photograph reads: "How a plan to help a renewable energy company grow ended up creating more than just megawatts." The tagline is "Progress is Everyone's Business." The copy explains how Goldman Sachs found investors to help the company grow.

"We need to give [the public] a better understanding of who we are and what we do," says spokesman David Wells. "This is meant to help do that."



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