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Ah, The Memories: IMDb Turning 20

Marking a maturing Web landscape, popular film and television search engine turns 20 next month. As the Associated Press notes, the site was also overhauled this week to emphasize video clips and "help fans find what they'd like to see next."

The goal was to "help people make viewing decisions" and "emphasize the visual nature of film and TV," Col Needham, the site's British founder and chief executive, tells AP. Also, trailers and ticket information are now much more prominent. The site actually began as a database program that people had to install on their computers. Users could sift through the published credits of a handful of movies. Needham sold the site to Amazon in 1998. Today, the site attacts over 25 million unique visitors a month, according to comScore -- beating both Yahoo and Fandango.



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