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Gap Taps Apple For Point-Of-Sale System

Faster than ever, tech giants and retailers are racing to close the gap between online and real-world commerce. Fittingly -- if only for wordplay purposes -- Gap-owned Old Navy has signed on as the first retailer to test Apple's new EasyPay point-of-sale system. That's according to Apple blog 9 to 5 Mac, which was told by sources that this is an Apple-operated system, and "not one of many third party systems that use an iPod to make transactions."

Anyone who's ever made a purchase at an Apple store should be familiar with the company's co-called PoS system, which prints customers' receipts wirelessly to stationed or mobile printers. Receipts can also be emailed directly to customers, which has the added benefit of establishing a trusted line of communication between retailer and customer. "According to some Old Navy employees the Apple POS system is perfect for the holiday sales rush as the device's portability cuts down lines and is simply more efficient for everyone." Meanwhile, a Gap Inc. spokeswoman tells 9 to 5 Mac: "I can confirm that we are piloting Apple's iPod based POS system at a few of our stores."

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