Does The TV Season Have A 'Most Dangerous' Day?

You just missed the most dangerous day of the year for traffic accidents in California, according to Allstate Insurance. You're safe -- unless you're swearing at that driver you had a problem with yesterday.

Dec. 15 has historically had the honor of being top accident day. Why? Hmmm... Christmas shopping distraction, presents jostling in the back seat, distractions over vacation plans to consider, bad weather, as well as some end-of-the-year holiday blues.

This got me thinking: Historically, what's been the worst day for TV in the calendar year?

One to consider would be New Year's Eve -- just wondering whether Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark are going to make it through their special TV night with no hitches definitely ups the tension. I'm on pins and needles, myself. The ball never seems to fall smoothly. I wonder what happens if it stops. "Can we get another take?" I imagine a producer asking.

In recent years, we've now begun to look forward to another unusual tag team -- CNN's Anderson Cooper and Bravo's Kathy Griffin -- doing their odd-couple TV thing on New Year's Eve. I don't know about you, but when I'm thinking end-of-the-year parties -- drinking, laughing and kissing strangers -- I'm thinking Cooper and Griffin.

Perhaps the next most dangerous day on TV? I'm guessing it might be actually those few days in May when all those season-ending finales arrive, the last moments we get to see our favorite shows until next season. TV programming/producing executives are no doubt on pins and needles hoping it'll be enough to carry their fans into the new season.

Danger lurks everywhere. One misstep and a veteran show can piss-off its fan base. (Hello NBC's "Heroes"!). Last season, NBC's "Chuck" barely held on after producing one of its worst-rated shows of the year for its season-ender.

Season premieres also are full of traps for TV programmers -- and viewers. Audience rejection blew up in the face of some Fox and ABC executives minding the store for both "Lone Star" and "My Generation," respectively.

Back to your driving habits and considerations: What's the second worst day for traffic accidents? Allstate says it's caused by the distractions of love: Feb. 14.

Good and bad distractions come in all forms. Watch out!

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