Electronics Becoming As Important As Beds

  • December 20, 2010
More than 40% of Americans would give up their bed before their computer or television, according to an online survey commissioned by Aaron Rents.

According to the survey, which asked, "Which would you give up last: Your bed, your computer or your TV?", 58% said they'd give up their bed last, while 28% said they'd give up their computer last and 14% would keep their TV over a bed and a computer.

"While we hope that no one ever has to make this difficult choice, the reality is that many are struggling in these economic times to afford each of these basic household items. One might think that a computer and a TV isn't a necessity, but for children in school, access to computers is a must, and for the average household making under $50,000 a year, a TV is the major source of entertainment," said Mark Rudnick, Aaron's, Inc. Vice President of Marketing, in a statement.



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